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South Africa Will Hold The 10th BRICS Summit In 2018 July

This artical pick up from microblog.


Which five countries are the BRICS?

The BRICS countries are: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

What does the BRICS summit mean?

The BRICS Summit is a conference held in five countries: Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and China. The traditional "BRIC" quotes the English initials of Brazil, Russia, India and China. Because the word is similar to the brick of English words, it is called "BRIC". After South Africa joined, its English word has become "BRICS" and has been renamed "BRIC Five".

The significance of the holding of the BRICS Summit

The convening of the BRICS meeting has gradually formed the "BRICS" cooperation mechanism, and the international influence of the "BRICs" as the representative of the emerging economies of the world is also increasing.

The BRICS countries are not only attracting attention because of their economies of scale and economic vitality, but also as a beneficiary of the last round of globalization and the top students in the post-development countries playing an increasingly important role in the global governance agenda. Therefore, in a certain sense, the return of globalization by the BRICS countries is the proper meaning of the title, and it is also in line with the expectations of the people who wish to continue to promote the globalization process.

2018 BRICS Five-Country Summit Schedule

Day 1

July 23 (Monday) Beijing ------ Johannesburg (South Africa)

Day 2

July 24th (Tuesday) Johannesburg

Check in the hotel after arriving .

Morning: Tour: Mandela Square, Golden City.

Afternoon: GGDA official activities of the Economic Development Agency of Gauteng in Johannesburg (tentative).

Day 3

July 25 (Wednesday) Johannesburg

Participate in the BRICS Summit throughout the day.converter.png

Day 4

July 26th (Thursday) Johannesburg

Cultural experience: Lion Park, with more than 85 lions in the park, including rare white lions, and many other carnivores such as cheetahs, wild dogs, and various hyena species including a variety of native African antelopes.

Day 5day5, boost converter.png

July 27 (Friday) Take the business jet Johannesburg----Cape Town Flight 2 hours and 15 minutes

Afternoon: Cultural experience: Table Mountain, by the cable car, climbed to the top of the mountain named after the distant view of the table, standing on a flat top like a desktop, letting people experience the magical and unpredictable nature of nature, and they are far-sighted. The beauty of the Cape is more panoramic. After that, visit the famous wine estate.

Day 6

day6,buck converter.pngCape Town, July 28 (Saturday)

Cultural experience: Go to the pier, watch the Twelve Apostles, and take a sightseeing boat in front of the Seal Island in Hout Bay. Watch hundreds of large and small seals playing in the water and chasing the wonders on the island.

Visit the wine garden and taste the famous South African wines. Visit Penguin Beach and watch South African penguins play on the beach and at sea.

Head to the world-famous End of the World, the Cape of the Sea - Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, take the cable car to the 238-meter-high Cape Point Mountain, and watch the endless Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean meet, the water and the sky, it is refreshing.

Day 7

July 29th (Sunday) Johannesburg --- Beijing

Go to the business jet airport and return to China by business jet.


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