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High Quality 12v To 5v Step Down Converters

Basic Info Features Wide operating temperature rage Shock and vibration resistant Electronically protected agsinst output overloads Cool operation, high reliability, long life Max. efficiency to 93%, Non-Isolated. Built-in over/under voltage input,overload,over current and short circuit...

Product Details

Basic Info

Place of Origin:ShenZhen, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Sino-k

Model Number:SKC-12V/24V-5V-10A

Output Power:50W

Output Type:Single



Input Voltage:12/24V DC

Output Voltage:5V

Type:DC/DC Converters

Output Current:10A




Warranty:1 Year

Wholesale price:Negotiation


Wide operating temperature rage

Shock and vibration resistant

Electronically protected agsinst output overloads

Cool operation, high reliability, long life

Max. efficiency to 93%, Non-Isolated.

Built-in over/under voltage input,overload,over current and short circuit protection

Waterproof: IP68

Swithing-mode power supply

Approvals:CE mark / RoHS

One year warranty



Input DC voltage

12/24 V

Input DC voltage range

8~36V DC

Output DC voltage

5 V

Output current

10 A

Output power maximum(W)

50 Watt

Working temperature

-40°c ~ +80°c

Ripple and noise type(mVp-p)





55 g


63*32*18 mm


Company Information

Who we are

SINO-K is a professional high- tech manufacturer,which integrates research and development ,manufacturing and marketing DC-AC Power Inverters, DC-DC Power Converters and Customized services. We have own professional technical team with more than 10 years of the R&D experience .We have own factory and advanced production equipment can give you the best quotation and ensure the quality of products.




Energy Electronics

Shenzhen SINO-K Energy Electronic Co.,Ltd.

Office Add:4/F,Bldg2,VeteranInd.City, Gongle Community,

 XIxiang  Street,Baoan District,Shenzhen

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Factory add: 4/F,Bldg2,VeteranInd.City, Gongle Community,

 XIxiang  Street,Baoan District,Shenzhen

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FAQ:FAQ1,Q:Why your quotation is higher than other suppliers?
A:In domestic market, the high and low inverter brands are mixed together. There are many low-cost inverter is actually some assembled small unlicensed workshops, it crudely, to reduce costs and use of substandard components for assembly, there is a very big security risk! In order to protect the pro personal and property safety, please do not covet low 
price, be sure to choose a reliable inverter!
2,Q:How many categories does it have according to the output waveform ?
A:Type one: JYM Modified Sine Wave inverter, which uses PWM pulse width modulation to generate modified sine wave. Due to the usage of intelligent dedicated circuit and high power field effect tube, it greatly reduces the power loss and increases the soft-start function, effectively ensuring the reliability of the inverter. If the power quality is not highly demanded,  it is able to meet the needs of most electrical equipment. But it still exists 20% harmonic distortion problems when running sophisticated equipment, can also cause high-frequency interference to radio communications equipment. This kind of inverter can meet the basic needs of most of our power, high efficiency, small noise, moderate price, and thus become the mainstream products in the market.
   Type two: JYP Pure Sine Wave inverter, which adopts isolated coupling circuit design, high efficiency, high stability of the output waveform, high-frequency technology, small in size, suitable for all kinds of load, can be connected to any common electrical devices and inductive load devices (such as refrigerators, electric drill, etc.) without any interference (eg: buzz and TV noise). The output of pure sine wave inverter is the same as the grid tie power we daily used, or even better, because it does not exist grid tie electromagnetic pollution.

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